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Young woman volunteers with elderly resident at a Bupa aged care home

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Volunteer at a Bupa care home

Maintaining residents’ connections with local communities is an important part of ensuring quality of life.

Bupa’s volunteer program welcomes volunteers into residential aged care homes, encouraging you to share your passions, interests and skills with our residents.

Why volunteer with Bupa Aged Care

As a Bupa volunteer, you have the opportunity to interact with inspiring residents, allowing you to learn about their diverse experiences and life stories.

We understand that everyone is different, that one size doesn’t fit all. Therefore we encourage volunteers to share a wide variety of skills and passions with our residents, giving them the opportunity to participate in new experiences and activities.

This means that Bupa Volunteers have a choice; we don’t tell our volunteers what to do, we give you the opportunity to volunteer in a manner which allows you to make the most of your passions and hobbies. Your role as a Bupa Volunteer is limitless.

Ways you could make a difference

As a Bupa Volunteer you will be welcomed into our Bupa family, giving you the opportunity to be part of a vibrant and social community, make some new friends and experience the diverse personalities of aged care residents.

Current volunteers on the program share a wide variety of passions with our residents including:

  • Gardening – Share your knowledge and skills to enhance and assist in the upkeep of our Bupa Backyards

  • Cooking – Run cooking demonstrations allowing residents to experience the smell and taste of new foods.

  • Quilting – Produce quilts with the help of our residents for personal use or to be given as gifts.

  • Knitting – With the help of our residents, volunteers are able to provide much-needed clothing or blankets for those less fortunate

  • Sport – Share a passion for your favourite sports with our residents

  • Music – perform or teach music to our residents, whether it be singing or instrumental.

  • Animals – Support our residents in caring for our animals or assist with pets as therapy programs

  • Arts and crafts – use your skills to assist our residents in creating a wide range of masterpieces

A young girl with their mum volunteering at an aged care home with Bupa team member putting Christmas decorations up

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