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Quality care, quality ageing

How we improve aged care standards in Australia

You deserve to be the happiest and most cared for in residential aged care.

And as a loved one, you expect the best from Bupa Aged Care and our people. 

That’s why we're working with our residents, government, and experts to deliver quality options for ageing and care in all our homes.

As part of this journey, we'll be open and honest about the progress we're making, based on our Resident Experience Survey.


responses in March 2024. The survey asks residents and their relatives to tell us if we're meeting their expectations in a wide range of areas.


of Bupa’s residents and their relatives told us that they are always or mostly satisfied with their experience at Bupa Aged Care.

Although we're not able to get it right every time, we continue to listen and aim to provide better care.

We encourage residents and families to share their experiences, a key way of gaining feedback in line with the Australian Government’s eight Aged Care Quality Standards. In response, we're transparent in communicating survey outcomes and what new initiatives are introduced from resident and family input.

How we treat and respect you

Our team members are highly trained to provide you with quality care.

As part of this it’s key that they treat you with respect, embrace our values of caring and kindness and explain things clearly to you.

Knowing you and your needs

Key to our quality care promise is understanding your needs and enabling you to make the choices that let you live your life to the full. 

Clinical governance in aged care

Getting the care and support you need is critically important, and our teams are passionate about delivering timely care that respects your wants and needs.

A Bupa nurse sitting with a resident listening to their needs on a bed


said our Bupa Aged Care team was caring towards them


felt team members were always or mostly competent at Bupa care homes


shared they got the care they needed always or most of the time

Your aged care standards committee

The Resident Experience and Community Engagement (RECE) committee is connecting residents, relatives, Bupa team members and outside input to drive meaningful change in the way we deliver quality care.

The RECE committee looks at several areas, ranging from the customer journey, to food, to how we manage and handle feedback and complaints.

Watch the video to learn about some of the challenges in aged care and what we are doing to address them.

Staying healthy

Food in aged care

Providing hearty and nutritious meals is a key task for our homes and their chefs. 

Being mindful of your personal dietary needs and cultural requirements is also something we like to consider in our aged care weekly menu.

Lifestyle activities

Providing a wide variety of activities in our homes is not enough. We also want to support older people to maintain their independence.


Your room should be clean and ready for you at all times, not just when guests arrive.

We perform regular cleaning and laundry services to help.


85% of survey respondents told us that they always or mostly enjoyed the food we provide

89% said they had a say in what daily activities they participate in always or mostly

95% of our residents and their families said they felt their room was kept clean for them

Connecting your relatives and friends

If you are not able to visit, and want to feel connected to your loved one in an aged care home, please let us help.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we provided residents with technology to help them stay connected even when visitation was restricted. We also enabled a new app called Bupa Connect to provide timely information for loved ones. 

Some residents also enjoyed being pen pals with local school children, sharing letters and drawings to keep them motivated and happy when loved ones couldn't visit.

Acting on feedback and suggestions

We offer several ways to provide your thoughts and feedback, to the care home's general manager and our central feedback team to ensure your voice is heard.

Our teams make sure you're kept updated with survey results, and will be candid about what we have done well, and where we need to improve.

Bupa Connect app connecting relatives and residents for quality ageing

Pictured: Screenshots of the Bupa Aged Care Connect app.


93% of residents and their families said that they always or mostly felt we communicated well with them

94% of respondents said they felt encouraged to share feedback or suggestions

Quality ageing for your care

When it comes to aged care we understand that one size doesn’t fit all.

Making residents’ lives as healthy and happy as we can is at the heart of everything we do.

Our Resident Experience Survey looks at a range of service areas including:

  • Care support: For residents and their loved ones

  • Lifestyle activities: Along with home services.

  • Food and dining: Providing more nutritious options.

  • Volunteering: In addition to community engagement.

  • Feedback and ideas: How we handle complaints.

  • Better service delivery: Opportunities for continual improvement.


Looking to share feedback?

We value your voice in providing quality care.

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