Respite care

What is residential respite care?

Residential respite care is 24/7 care in a residential aged care home for a set period of time. As a respite resident, you will have access to care around the clock, have the opportunity to participate in activities that take place in the home and enjoy freshly cooked meals. Respite care allows you to experience life in a Bupa Aged Care home and gives you the chance to meet new people, make new friends and even pick up new hobbies. It is a great way to experience a new environment and take a break from your usual routine. It can also be a way to make sure you feel comfortable about the idea of moving into an aged care home as a permanent resident.

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Why choose residential respite care?

The role of a carer can be rewarding, but also challenging. It’s easy for them to forget about their own health and wellbeing. Carers really need support and regular breaks to keep their minds and bodies working in these demanding roles.

Respite care provides a short break for your carer until you are able to care for yourself full time again, or find an alternative solution such as residential aged care or home care. You may require respite care when transitioning from hospital whilst a permanent placement in an aged care home is being arranged; this is where respite care can support you and your carer.

How do I apply for residential respite care?


How do I find a Bupa Aged Care home with respite availability?

Moving into a Bupa Aged Care home as a respite resident is dependent on both availability of a suitable bed for the period you require, and our ability to care for your unique care needs.

To find a respite placement you will need to call and speak to our team at the care home/s that are most convenient for you. They will try to assist you in finding a suitable placement if they cannot offer one at your preferred home.

Due to respite care being based on current availability, it will be dependent on each individual home as to whether bookings can be made months in advance. The care team at the home will be able to discuss this with you.

What are the fees for residential respite care?

As a respite resident, you are required to pay the basic daily care fee for every day that you stay at the care home. The basic daily care fee is determined by the Australian Government and is reviewed twice yearly. Our Paying for care page outlines the current basic daily care fee amount.

If you receive respite care in one of our extra services homes, you may also need to pay the extra service fee each day for the length of the stay. To find out if a home is an extra service home, and how much that fee is, visit our Paying for care page and select the care home you are interested in.

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What should I look for when choosing respite care?

Choosing a care home for respite care is very similar to choosing a care home for a permanent placement. We suggest that you consider the below:

  1. Convenient – is the home located in a place that is easy for your carer to take you to and pick you up from?
  2. Tour – have you been on a tour of the home? This is the best way to determine if the home is right for you.
  3. Comfort – do you feel comfortable in the environment of the home? Are you likely to enjoy the activities and food on offer?
  4. Care – have the care team discussed your care needs with you and confirmed they are able to care appropriately for your needs?

You can also view our handy guide on what to look for when choosing residential aged care.

Does Bupa Aged Care offer day respite?

Day respite is care that is offered in an aged care home for less than 24 hours at a time. It is also referred to as ‘Pop-in service’.

A select number of our homes are able to offer a Pop-in service. This type of care allows your carer to have a short break for a few hours per day and for you to participate in activities and enjoy meals with the other residents at a Bupa Aged Care home.

Homes which offer pop-in will have this indicated on their website page under ‘Types of care’.

Bupa aged care respite care checklist

Your respite checklist:

  1. Make sure you have an ACAT assessment for your loved one.
  2. Search for a Bupa Aged Care home near you and then call or email the care home to confirm availability.
  3. Ask about costs and other care options available to you.
  4. Submit your application.
  5. Our Bupa Aged Care team will be in contact.

To find out more about your eligibility and how to book respite care at one of our aged care homes, speak to our friendly team.

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