Bupa Aged Care

Sammy's repair skills help rebuild memories

Sammy Dawood is Bupa Ashfield’s maintenance officer but his passion to help residents goes far beyond repair work.

From Bupa Ashfield

As well as the usual upkeep of the home, Sammy engages with residents and, where he can, he involves them.

“Some of the residents have a background in carpentry or gardening so I like to get them out in the garden or sometimes they come with me to the workshop and hold the wood,” says Sammy.

“They love it!” He says. “Some of them like to put their hand in the soil so we have a special pot with fresh soil to make it clean and safe, so they can feel the soil with their hands.”

When he noticed residents living with dementia fiddling with the taps, lights and locks he developed a mobile tool trolley with all the gadgets residents loved to tinker with. It’s given them a chance to get back on the tools and reminisce about past projects.

“They really enjoy it and it can start to get them talking about things they used to work on.”

Sammy from Bupa Ashfield maintenance worker smiling

Sammy has worked at Bupa Ashfield for nearly a decade.

“Some of the residents have been with me since day one,” he says. “I’m trying to help them as much as I can and I’m trying to find activities to fill their days, so they feel at home and do what they used to do before.”