Bupa Aged Care

Karen shares her passion for residents

Karen Jaensch shared “we can’t treat aged care homes as a ‘one size fits all’. In some of our homes we have really strong multicultural populations, some have a lot of residents with farming backgrounds, and in others there are more residents with higher care needs.

It’s so important that our local care home teams, with our support, can tailor activities and events that really matches up to the needs of the residents in their home, and gives them the best experience for their overall health and happiness.”

Every aged care home is different, and that's why we encourage a wide range of social and community activities in our care homes.

No aged care home across Australia is the same. Each is made up of unique individuals with different interests, backgrounds and needs.

Our social and community activities vary from sports and fitness, to arts, intergenerational programs, puzzles and games to improve cognitive ability. Some residents prefer to join in bingo or singalongs, whereas others like to do puzzles and crosswords in small groups or alone. Every resident must be catered for.

Karen Jaensch with residents at Bupa Aged Care participating in an in home lifestyle program

Having worked in the aged care industry for a number of years, Karen is passionate about the sector and ensuring the older generation are well cared for and respected in their time living in a Bupa care home.

“My grandmother was in Bupa Woodend around five years ago. I recently went to visit the team there and was so pleased that many employees still remembered her and were keen to tell me their memories of her. This is the kind of personalised care and environment we encourage in all our care homes,” Karen added.

“Many of our residents have been active in the community throughout their lives and this is another aspect we want to harness through partnerships with local schools, Men’s Sheds and other community organisations. We also encourage their relatives to be involved through our closed Facebook groups where they can see what’s going on in the home, and share their own photos and stories for our residents.”

Our team works together to encourage this diversity and personalise the experience to help make a home enjoyable and comfortable.