Our approach to care

Making a real difference

At Bupa Aged Care, we aim to make a real difference by putting people first in everything we do. Knowing you and your family as individuals is fundamental to our approach to care. Our Person First approach means we tailor our care to suit your needs and preferences. This approach is provided to every resident in our homes, and is especially important for people who are living with dementia.
Our Bupa model of care

Our Bupa model of care

Our Bupa Model of Care is an industry-leading service model. It provides you with greater and more immediate access to medical services and increased choice in how and where you receive care, creating better health and wellbeing outcomes.

It enables you to have close connections with your care team, including your community’s dedicated Care Manager and in consultation with your family. You can receive medications in your room at a time that suits your needs and your passionate care team, including our registered nurses and other health advisers, achieve true continuity of care for all.

In-home Bupa GPs and Nurse Practitioners

As part of our Bupa model of care, some of our homes have an in-home Bupa GP or Nurse Practitioner, helping to ensure that medical assistance is right on hand. Our GPs and Nurse Practitioners understand the value of relationships and provide the continuity of care that can really make a difference in your quality of life.

Our model of care offers more preventative care, reducing the need for hospitalisation, and reassuring you that you are receiving high quality care.

Benefits for you:

  • initial review within 72 hours of moving into the Bupa home
  • comprehensive regular reviews, between four to six weekly intervals with a dedicated team of nursing and care professionals:
    • convenience of knowing a familiar face is ‘just down the hall’ should you need them
    • support through the combined expertise of your Bupa GP or Nurse Practitioner and trained care team. Your Bupa GP or Nurse Practitioner will work alongside nurses to contribute to and review your care plan regularly
    • efficient and transparent sharing of information, results and reviews - not just to you, but also your chosen family members
    • two scheduled family conferences each year, as well as specialist video conferencing facilities, where available.

Other services available include pathology, scripts and referrals and minor surgical procedures.

To learn more about these services, please read our GP brochure.

Bupa Aged Care - Putting the person first

Our Person First approach to supporting each person living with dementia

Person-centred care is a phrase that is used a lot in the field of dementia care. Person-centred care is a model of care that is evidence based to inform best practice care of people living with dementia, particularly in residential or care home settings. Person First is Bupa’s approach developed from the concepts and principles of person-centred care. Person First puts the person, their experiences, well-being, needs and feelings at the centre of the caring and support process, and means we seek to understand and have empathy for their daily experience.